My birth gift list

The advantages of Sucre d'Orge:

  • Once created, you can consult or edit your birth list as often as you wish to. You may also inform your friends or family of the creation of your list. Friends and family can purchase the available articles listed therein directly online without going to the store. Each article purchased is immediately sent to the address you entered when creating your list.
  • While checking out your list, Sucre d'Orge offers you a soft toy for at least one purchase on your list; and from 250 Euros purchased on your list, a voucher for 10% off of the total purchase amount on your list. See conditions.
  • Click here to read the terms of sales for Sucre d’Orge's birth gift list.


1  Step 1 :

Créez une liste de naissance Sucre d'Orge
Createa birth gift list.
Create your birth list by completing the form.
If you want to limit the access to your friends, input your password. Be sure to tell your close ones or those who will need to have the access to your list.
You have the ability to accept or reject your friends' offer of gift vouchers by checking the box reserved for this offer:
Chèque cadeau Sucre d'Orge

2  Step 2 :

Choose the articles to be added onto your list by clicking on the button "for my birth list", shown on each available product page on the site. (Beforehand, your account must be indentified.)

3  Step 3 :

Invite your friends by email to come and consult your birth list, buy or participate.
bouton Sucre d'Orge

4  Step 4 :

Gérer une liste de naissance Sucre d'Orge
Manage my birth gift list
Click on this button to view your list, add articles or delete those you have purchased yet, thank your participants, or terminate your list. $*

5  Step 5 :

Directly receive the articles purchased by your friends or spend the submitted participations freely on the site You may also thank your friends by sending them a Sucre d'Orge Email.


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